Jenn S.

I've had quite an amazing journey working with Heidi. She's incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Heidi helped me make small changes to my diet and lifestyle that ended up making a huge impact. I've experienced severe PMS for 25 years, including intense camping, mood swings, headaches, and exhaustion. After working with her for only a few months, for the first time in 25 years, I had ZERO PMS symptoms. All in all, if you're considering making a change, start with Heidi. You won't regret it.


Meg. L.

When I started working with Heidi I knew I needed to make changes in my overall lifestyle and the way I ate. With her program I was able to make a lifestyle change that worked for me and something I know I can stick with. Not only have I lost 25lbs since starting the program, I was prehypertension prior to working with Heidi and now my blood pressure readings are normal! I focused on what foods I was bringing into my home and I started saving money because I was actually eating at home. This has been the best experience, and if you are looking to make those changes, start now!

Manuela H.

I just finished a six-month course with my health coach Heidi Tuberson and it was awesome. It was really life-changing. A year prior to seeing Heidi, I was had some major viruses and decided it was time to get healthy. Heidi takes a very personalized, one on one holistic approach to trying new things in your life that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. I can’t say enough about Heidi and I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in becoming healthier.

Neda H.

I originally started with Heidi because I was extremely tired and needed perspective.  She immediately addressed my fatigue by encouraging better sleep habits and gave me suggestions, examples and even gifts to help me increase my sleep time and quality.  Then she taught me how to say no and helped me reduce my stress by decluttering my calendar and only saying yes to necessary events and friends and family that were positive to be around.  Once I had more rest and time to think and make better decisions, I slowly found balance in my life. Now I’m eating better (also a big part of her lessons), working out and full of energy.  Thank you Heidi for holding me accountable, for your encouragement and for sharing your knowledge with me.  I’m finally on a positive path in my life again!

Carrie S.

Heidi is very personable and knowledgeable. She worked with me to create an individual plan to help me manage my weight and symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Heidi keeps you accountable and follows up every session with notes and check ins. I just completed a 6 month program with Heidi. I'm sleeping better, eating more healthy foods, and making myself a priority. 

Robin G.

Any female (sorry guys, she focuses on women's health) looking to have a better quality life should talk to Heidi.  She has a holistic approach to nutrition which basically includes everything you need to thrive.  She is the fourth nutritionist I have tried (I am a very hard nut to crack) and she aced it.  I learned so much from her and for the first time in over 4 years I lost weight, gained muscle, and look great in my clothes which is what I wanted to achieve.  I met her at a workshop, took her class and then hired her for one on one.  Worth every penny.  I eat really well, enjoy my food and no longer worry about putting weight on.  She put me back in control of my eating.  What's not to like. - Robin G. 

Christie D.

Heidi created strategies that I thought I could follow through with and held me accountable during each session. Through working with her, my food palette has become more diverse and I am more aware of the foods I’m putting into my body. The most significant overall change I noticed was weight loss and healthier state of mind. Heidi is caring, charismatic, and I can relate to her. I would recommend this program to any athlete struggling with confidence and food choices. I am on the path to becoming happier and healthier.

Michelle S.

Heidi's amazing coaching abilities and wide knowledge about health and wellness has really helped me make positive changes in my lifestyle. The program allows for me to experiment and try new things at a comfortable pace. I find myself sleeping better, trying new things, and really owning the experience. I am incredibly grateful to Heidi for her consistency, knowledge, kindness, and follow through. I've learn strategies and now have tools to help me achieve my goals… And we are only halfway through the program!! 

Molly L.

I am currently half-way through my program with Heidi and astounded by how much I have improved by having her by my side. I have lost weight, quit smoking and created a positive attitude about my mind, body and soul. This has been a difficult year for me and I couldn't have come anywhere close to where I am now without Heidi. I am so grateful for her kindness and inspiration. If you want lifetime results of all-around health, Heidi is your girl!

Elodie S.

My initial goal was to lose weight. But along the way, I realized weight is not only controlled by eating better, but also by other factors. As I worked on each area of my life, I notice a bigger shift in weight loss. Six months may seem like a long time for a program, but that is the right amount of time to get balanced and improve habits. I think it is important to understand this is not a diet but a program that helps you start and finish your day.

Cynthia P.

My world was flipped upside down this past year and I've had a lot of rebuilding to do. Heidi has guided me on reaching the goals I have set for myself and my kids. I can not endorse her enough! In a couple weeks, I'm going to achieve one of my bigger goals. If you are looking for guidance and support on a happier and healthier whole body, mind and spirit contact Heidi!

Roxanne S.

Heidi is truly amazing! She has helped me transform my eating habits and life style habits by teaching me, and tailoring her program to my personal needs. Heidi has a "no pressure" style of coaching. She listens to me and then asks very thought provoking questions...and as a result is bringing out the best in me! Her approach of addressing "food and mood" resonated deeply with me, and I am learning to put myself #1 on my list.

Rachel H.

My work with Heidi has been phenomenal.  I experience less stress meltdowns, I eat healthier and smarter for my body, and I am able to understand myself better and more comfortable in everything I do. This program opened many doors for me that I didn't even know existed.  I am so thankful for my work with Heidi!  

Fred R.

I sought Heidi’s help after my doctor instructed me to improve my diet and exercise. By working with Heidi, I was able to lose the last 10 pounds that seemed to never want to come off. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their habits to lose weight and get healthy.