I work with heart-centered female leaders who value nutrition but have been too busy taking care of others. The time has come to focus on themselves, to be #1 on their list, and role model how to take care of the one body they’ve been given.

Have you been too busy with your career?

Do you value nutrition, but have been too busy to take care of you?

Has the time come to focus on you?

Feel like yourself again with The Women’s Health & Happiness Program. This program is beyond diet and weight-loss. Change your relationship with food and ditch all the latest fad diets. Learn how to eat for your body to feel amazing, energized, and vibrant again.

Clients report transformation in the following areas:

  • Cleared adult acne

  • Increased confidence

  • Decreased headaches

  • Decreased anxiety & stress

  • No more heart burn

  • No more cramps

  • PMS-free

  • Weight loss

  • All day energy

  • Changed relationship with food

  • Decreased bad cholesterol;
    Increased good cholesterol

  • Decreased joint pain

  • Improved blood sugar

THE 5 STEPS TO The Women’s Health & Happiness System


STEP 1. ArE you ready to be #1 on your list?

  • Take care of you without feeling guilty.

  • Develop healthy boundaries.

  • Decrease your stress.

STEP 2. Eat to live.

  • Learn how to eat for your body.

  • Increase your energy & mood.

  • Lose weight & keep it off.

  • Improve your immune system.

STEP 3. Sleep Like A Queen.

  • Fix your sleep problems.

  • Reset your metabolism with proper sleep.

  • Imagine waking up feeling rested.


STEP 4. Find Your Playground.

  • Feel like a kid again with the right physical activity for you.

  • Build a strong & healthy body.

  • Discover your playground to be fit for life.

Step 5. Walk your talk.

  • Define balance for you.

  • Clarify & commit to your health values.

  • Adopt new habits for life.


The Women’s Health & Happiness Program will radically improve your health and happiness. To decide if this program is right for you, schedule a complementary Consultation below. Space is limited, so don't wait.

Are You Ready to improve your health & happiness?


“I could not have predicted the positive changes that have resulted from my work with Heidi. I've lost 23 pound, energy has increased, sleep has improved, drinking more water, walking more, and my clothes are finally starting to fit better! I feel incredibly grateful to have found Heidi”. -Jen B.

“Any female (sorry guys, she focuses on women's health) looking to have a better quality life should talk to Heidi. She has a holistic approach to nutrition, which basically includes everything you need to thrive. She is the fourth nutritionist I have tried (I am a very hard nut to crack), and she aced it”.  -Robin G.

“Heidi is truly amazing! She has helped me transform my eating and lifestyle habits by teaching me, and tailoring her program to my personal needs. Her approach of addressing "food and mood" resonated deeply with me, and I am learning to put myself #1”. -Roxanne S.

“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want”. —Elbert Hubbard